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Learn More About The Process of Excavation?

Some people may think of basement excavation as a simple “dig in the dirt” job. But it requires a lot more than sweat and elbow grease. It’s best handled by professionals.
The Importance of Excavation
To build a house, you need to start with a solid foundation. The ground must be prepared, excavated, and leveled. The soil must be strong enough to support the weight of the home; it should remain dry and resist damaging weather conditions like flooding or erosion. Ground that is properly prepared and firm will allow for a stronger structure that will last longer and withstand the stresses of life.
When to Excavate a Basement
Excavation may be necessary to make room for a basement before you can build a home or other structure. Excavation may also be needed if you are adding a basement to an existing structure, or creating a home addition. Excavation may also be required to repair damage to the foundation or walls of your property.
How to Excavate Safely
A basement excavation expert will do a thorough examination of the conditions of the soil in the area to be excavated. They will make sure that factors like soil stability, water tables, moisture in the soil and backfill quality are all taken into account. All of these issues will be addressed to avoid future foundation problems. They’ll check weather conditions daily to be sure that it’s safe to dig and keep heavy equipment away from the edges of trenches. They’ll inspect trenches daily before commencing work for the day and be aware of any underground utilities near where they’re working.

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