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Are you thinking about embarking on a loft conversion project this year? You are not alone.

The benefits of loft conversions have long been known, and with property prices reaching an all-time high, converting lofts can be a valuable way to increase space without the hassle of moving house.

The pandemic has led to more people staying home and multiplying the need for apartment space. As a result, many homeowners have sought ways to adapt their living spaces to create more room, gain attractive views and a dedicated place to work remotely, which can all be achieved by adding a loft extension.

Londoners often get a loft conversion for a cost-effective way to add value to their home, especially in built-up areas like London, since it can add space without changing the building’s footprint.

A Velux or roof light conversion is an ideal and affordable solution for attic space that is already at least 2.2 meters high (and can be converted into a living area)

A rear dormer loft conversion is another popular choice, suitable for most homes with a sloping roof. This type of conversion extends walls vertically to create extra floor space and room for windows to provide natural light. Alternatively, semi-detached or detached property owners can opt for a hip-to-gable conversion, vertically extending the wall on one side of the roof to increase the desired space.

A Mansard loft conversion is the most extensive and transformative type of loft renovation. It involves adding an extra storey to a building by altering the roof structure, which is typically sloped.

Before you start a loft conversion, clear it with your neighbours first and get them to sign a party wall agreement. You may need planning permission for listed buildings or conservation areas.

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