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What I Need to Know Before House ExntesionServices

The services within your home concern electricity, gas, water, and drainage. When planning to a house extension, consider whether the new space will affect existing services. If it will, you may need to move water, electric, or gas meters as part of your project. Don’t forget to ask about drainage for the property. Are there any drainage issues in the area of the proposed works? Is it shared with your neighbours? If you plan on building an extension over a sewer, a ‘build over sewer’ application will be necessary. This is usually only necessary when shared with your neighbour. Ask your architect if you are unsure.

When you’re planning your renovation, gather ideas from magazines, websites and other resources. Pinterest is a social media site that makes it easy to gather and sort through images. You can create boards, or collections of images, that you can share with others who have an interest in the topic you’ve chosen for your board.

You may have noticed that your home doesn’t always stay as warm as you’d like. This could be because of condensation, single-glazed windows, poor ventilation and the lack of loft insulation. You might want to improve the sustainability of your home by having any or all of these things remodeled or repaired.

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